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Richtek Electrical Does It All

Here are just some of our many electrical services for residential, commercial, and industrial electrical needs!

  • Smoke alarm installations and inspections.
  • Circuit breaker and fuse work.
  • Electrical fault repair.
  • Lighting installations and tweaks…

And much more!

Skilled Electricians in Welshpool

From powerpoint replacement to industrial electrical renovation, Richtek does it all. Quick service performed 24/7 by certified electricians will have your operation running smoothly. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, as Richtek is happy to provide guidance and direction when it comes to electrical needs.

Whether you need assistance in your residential home or need some advice on how best to set up your new restaurants electrical, we’re happy to assist you.

Here are a few reasons why Richtek is the best in the business.

Our electricians do it right the first time.

Our trustworthy electricians in Welshpool are highly trained and experienced in all the many facets needed for commercial wiring and power installations, whether it is in the kitchen of a restaurant, lighting in the dining room, office desk connection points, or any other element necessary for running your business. But don’t just take our word! You can see the 65+ five-star reviews left from real life customers! We know earning your trust is the most important thing to keep you coming back for life and we are committed to delivering the best experience possible at all costs.

Our experienced team won’t let you down.

Electricians at Richtech embrace technology and always take advantage of the most advanced techniques to perform their job to the highest possible standards. Every single team member genuinely enjoys what they do. Yes, we want to help you find a solution, but we are always looking for ways to improve your current setup and prevent issues in the future. Our team is continually investing in learning the latest best practices and enhancing their knowledge so they can deliver a great experience to you.

Our team relies on honest and transparent communication.

Choosing an electrician is hard, but sometimes understanding what they’re doing to fix your problems is even more challenging. Richtek only employs electricians who can make clear what’s causing the problem and how they’re going to fix it. Every member of our team has strong communication skills and uses them with our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep you in the loop throughout the entire work process. We don’t talk down to you or use overly complicated jargon. We do our best to tell you our recommendations and explain our reasoning as well.

Be assured your move and transition is smooth with our team on board.

Our experienced, trained electricians can check your domestic, commercial, or industrial space for any damage or potential problems. Particularly useful when moving to a new location in the Welshpool area, the Richtek team will quickly and easily inspect your home, office, or shop for crucial electrical risk factors that most people don’t look for, including:

  • Outdated or exposed wires
  • Uncovered permanent wiring
  • Power points that don’t meet codes
  • Smoke alarm connections
  • Appliance compliance with regulations

If your electrician finds any problems, they are prepared to rewire and replace everything necessary to ensure you’ll pass the next inspection. Plus, your satisfaction and comfort are guaranteed. There’s a reason we’re Welshpool’s number one choice for electrical system support and services.

Our work gets done quickly and efficiently.

We provide emergency electrical care options day and night because we care about keeping your life powered as much as possible, even though emergency or unexpected situations. Electrical crises often result from sparks, downed power lines, smoke from fixtures or power points, or flickering lights on a breaker panel. Whether the answer is a repair that we can perform quickly or a big problem that will take longer to fix, our team is devoted to providing some version of an immediate solution.

What should you do in an emergency?

If you find yourself in an electrical emergency, do the following:

  • Remain calm.
  • Don’t touch anything without turning off the power at the box
  • Avoid contact with all live wires or downed power lines
  • Call the Richtek electrician on call for further guidance.

Our team is available at any time – day or night – to provide advice and, if necessary, service to fix your electrical problems. Even if it’s not technically an emergency, we’re available for consultation.

Even outside of emergencies, we provide effective communications.

We are here for you.

Richtek electricians quickly become invested in the quality of life and wellbeing of our clients. Our team goes above and beyond, through safety inspections and preventative maintenance services, to be sure that no significant issues are plaguing the electrical system within your home or business. We hold ourselves to the highest of quality and safety standards and strive to bring your electrical system up with us.

Contact us to discuss your electrical concerns.

Call today to get your home, office, or industrial property inspected by one of our licensed and polite team members. From new construction to renovation in Welshpool, Richtek goes the distance to make its customers happy.

We are a local Welshpool Electrical company who service the Welshpool area and Surrounding Suburbs.

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