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Serving Osborne Park with a wide variety of skills, Richtek Electrical Services is committed to becoming the most respected electrician company in all of Western Australia. Our team of professional experts can help you at home, at your business, or even in the most intense industrial settings. If you need assistance anything electrical, you know who to call.

Here are just a few of the many services we provide to our amazing customers:


We offer, smart home wiring, electrical installations and inspections, high quality renovations, and emergency repairs!


We provide expert setup for boardroom communications, exit emergency lighting, and optimal shop and warehouse electrical installations.


Our team can provide a wide range of industrial electrical services such as wiring, optimal electricity installation, and more.

At Richtek, we understand that when you call us, you’re hiring more than an electrician to fix your problems. We know that you’re also hiring someone to welcome inside your Osborne Park home. Our staff is trustworthy in every respect of work and life.

Here are a few reasons why we believe we are the best in the business.

Our team is experienced and highly qualified.

Philip Richardson’s motivation to found Richtek came from 12 years of providing electrical work at the highest standard. His vast knowledge and extensive training in all areas of the field, including industrial, domestic, commercial, maintenance, and fit-out applications, provides the foundation for the company as it exists today. Our team focuses on continual growth and education to deliver quality services across Osborne Park. 

As a technician himself, Richardson saw the opportunity to change the industry and put his heart and soul into creating the Richtek as it is known today. We believe that you can absolutely get excellent service at an affordable rate no matter what your needs.

We’re up to date with technological advancements and bring only the best to your home or office.

Emergency electricians must be prepared for a call of any size, type, or format at all times and remain ready for any problem or challenge that might cross their path. Our team is already the most experienced and educated team in Osborne Park and can help you even in the most dire of situations. Restaurant run out of power? Not sure why there were sparks at your home? We will do everything we can to find a solution quickly.

Our team members are pleasant to do business with.

Waiting around for your repair person to arrive is a huge hassle and all-around frustrating experience. Our electricians will let you know when they plan to come and will show up promptly at the expected time. We don’t tolerate rudeness or tardiness under any circumstances. Your time is valuable, and we always do the best we can to ensure you are back to your daily life as quickly as possible. We are changing the culture of the electrical industry in Osborne Park through both our unparalleled services and our positive client interactions.

Richtek looks ahead to mitigate potential future problems with your electrical system.

As one of the most overlooked elements of your home, until there’s a problem, your electrical system can be filled with risk factors that you aren’t even aware exist. Hiding from sight, issues such as exposed, uncovered, or old wires can come into contact with insulation or other flammable substances behind your walls. Power points and appliance fixtures can begin to fail without any visible changes. Regulations and standards can change without your awareness.

We don’t share this to scare you but to let you know that we are here to help. Richtek electricians are available to perform thorough inspections of your residential, commercial, or industrial electrical system. They know how to look at your system as a whole and predict any potential problems or failures. Plus, once they’re there, they’ll perform all repairs necessary before the situation gets worse.

Not sure what to do in an electrical emergency? Call Richtek!

If you find yourself in an electrical emergency situation, don’t panic. Keep children or pets away from the area and turn off the power at your electrical box. Never touch live wires or burnt cords. If you’re unsure how to handle the situation, call Richtek, no matter the time of day (or night). Our knowledgeable staff is available 24/7 to advise you how to proceed with the situation. If necessary, they can send someone to you immediately.

Our team is the best choice for comprehensive electrical care.

Richtek electricians are all skilled across disciplines and hold tightly to industry standards. Their widespread knowledge inspires them to notice things many less educated electricians would miss. Deciding to work with our team means choosing quality service from excellent electricians. Don’t risk your safety, along with that of your family or business, wasting time on inferior service providers. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to earn your business!

Richtek has what it takes to complete your new construction or renovation project!

Call today to get your home, office, or industrial property inspected by one of our licensed and polite team members in Osborne Park. From new construction to renovation, Richtek goes the distance to make its customers happy.

We are a local Osborne Park Electrical company who service the Osborne Park area and Surrounding Suburbs.

Our Local Osborne Park electricians would love to help you out today.
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