Our experienced Electricians will save you time and money with our years of experience.

$0 Call Out Fee

At your door within the hour

Our Electrical Services

We are a local family owned and operated electrical company who can take care of all your electrical needs. Whether it’s replacing a GPO, a complete new home or office fit out, or anything in between. With our main focus being on customer satisfaction, our reputation speaks for itself


Electrical Faults

At Richtek we have the most advanced multimeters in the business. This allows us to find faults quicker than most other electrical companies. Our experienced team of electricians will locate the fault and get it rectified with minimum downtime. This ultimately saves you time and money, while getting your power back so you can go on with your day to day life.


Switchboard Repairs and Upgrades

Old switchboards are the number 1 cause of electrical house fires bar none. Over time the cables become loose and the old fuse/fuse holders break down causing hot spots which ultimately result in a switchboard fire. It’s pure luck how far this fire spreads. If you think you have an old outdated switchboard, give Richtek a call and arrange a free electrical inspection.

LED Lighting Installation and Repairs

No one likes to constantly change their light bulbs. Did you know that most LED lights can last up to 35,000 hours? They have such a long life that they can save money by not needing to replace your light bulbs every few months. You can save up to 80% on your energy bill by switching to LED. We offer a massive range of LED lighting options.

Out of all deaths caused by home fires, three out of five are caused by a lack of or faulty smoke detecting systems. House fired are no small matter, which is why it’s required by law all homes and workplaces are fitted with in date smoke alarms. Been a while since you have had yours checked? Call Richtek today before it’s too late.


Socket Outlets and Switches

You, like many homeowners out there, have likely considered installing new switches or power points into your home. Often, homeowners find that their existing power points are too few, too inconvenient, or simply inaccessible. Perhaps you’ve experienced the familiar struggle of having to reach behind bulky furnishings simply to plug in a small appliance.


RCD Safety Switches

RCD’s literally save lives. If a person or livestock comes into contact with live parts the RCD will disconnect the power before it can damage your heart. Not only are RCD’s mandatory on every final sub-circuit in a domestic dwelling as of 01/07- 2018, it’s also a requirement to have a minimum of two RCD’s protecting all power and lighting circuits prior to selling or renting out your home.



In today’s day and age and simply we can’t live without our Phones or Computers no matter how hard we tried and so we shouldn’t. That’s why Richtek are here, to keep you connected with the world. We have you covered, if you need a new internet connection or having issues with your existing. Give us a call today.

T.V Points

T.V has changed drastically over the last few years, with catch up T.V, Netflix, Stan. Richtek have stayed at the front of all the changes in technology. From basic T.V points to integrated surround sound and home entertainment and much more.


After Hours Emergency service

Electricity doesn’t work 9am to 5pm. Electrical faults can happen at any time of the day or night. We are available 6am – 6pmto get you back up and running, saving you from the distress of darkness or no power. We will be at your door within the hour.


Electrical Safety Certificates

Renting or selling your property? Then you will need to obtain an Electrical Safety Certificate form a licensed electrical contractor. To obtain an ESC you will need complaint 240v hard wired smoke alarms and a minimum of 2 RCD’s. Give Richtek a call today if you would like any more info on these. We would love to help.

Richtek have been specializing in Commercial electrical work the last 15 years. From LED lighting upgrades, GPO’s, 3 Phase outlets to Data cabling. We have a team of 12 Electricians so we can ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. Let the knowledge of our specialists save you time and money on your next project or office fit out.


Kitchen Appliances

We stock a massive range of Kitchen appliances for you to choose from. From Induction cooktops to Freestanding Ovens and everything in-between. If you have already purchased your own appliance we are able to do install only. Your Kitchen in the most important room in the home, you don’t want to leave it to just anyone.

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