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5 Reasons to Have Outdoor Lighting in Perth for Your New Home
You may not have realized it, but having an outdoor lighting electrician create a custom lighting solution for your home is much easier than it’s ever been before. At Richtek, we have a variety of configurations to choose from, and best of all, the cost for an electrician to wire an outdoor light has never been lower. If you’re curious about hiring an outdoor lighting electrician, give us a call today for a free consultation. You’ll almost certainly be surprised by what’s possible! Here are five reasons why we think we offer the best outdoor lighting in Perth:

Our outdoor lighting electricians have more experience than anyone else in Perth.
At Richtek, we have decades of combined experience in the lighting industry, and we know which products and solutions are going to stand the test of time and which are better left ignored.  You may be wondering, “How many outdoor lighting technicians are there near me?” There may be more than you think, but no one has the level of experience and personal care that we put into each and every job at Richtek.


We offer the widest range of LED outdoor lighting in Perth.
Whether you are looking for a garden lighting electrician, custom driveway LEDs, or any other LED lighting solution, if you can dream it, we can integrate it. Our team of installers will work with you to determine which areas around your home will benefit most from having an outdoor lighting solution installed. If you have a specific product or idea in mind, chances are we can install it as well. Simply give us a call and let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll design a custom package that works for you and your family.


We use only energy-efficient LEDs for your home.
Outdoor LED lighting in Perth has exploded in popularity over the last several years, and for good reason. LEDs are energy-efficient bulbs that can save you hundreds of dollars per year over traditional halogen lights. If you’re searching for the greenest solution for your outdoor LED strip lighting in Perth, we’ve got it.


We stay with you for the life of the product
Our team of outdoor lighting electricians are in it for the long haul. We don’t ever sign on to do a job as a “one-off.” When we install a custom lighting solution, it’s our pledge to support you if you have any questions or issues that come up. We aim to be your premier provider of electricians for outdoor lighting, so our business model has always been to work together over the long run. When you win, so do we.


We offer the lowest prices on the highest quality service.
At Richtek, we know what it’s like to invest in your home. There are seemingly a million things to consider, and we understand that it can all too easily begin to feel overwhelming. That’s why we’re committed to offering the lowest prices on LED outdoor strip lighting in Perth, period. Does the lowest price mean the lowest quality? Not at all. We instill each member of our team with the idea that each and every customer should receive the highest standards of quality and professionalism possible, because that’s the way we’d want it to be. If you are ready to hire an electrician for outdoor lighting in Perth, give us a call today. Our dedicated support team can schedule a free consultation, where we will walk you through your options for a wide range of custom LED lighting solutions and packages. We can’t wait to illuminate your home!

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