Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning in Perth

Air conditioning is a great way to control the temperature of your home and adds much to your lifestyle, especially in the heat of a summer in Perth, WA. Ducted air conditioning is especially great for new homes, but it can often be retro-fitted, even though it costs more. For the added advantage of have streams of cool air in the bedrooms and kitchen rather than just the living room, it’s really worthwhile looking into.

While there are other options that can also be considered, duct air con is the ultimate and is ideal for a home located in the hot, dry climate of Perth and other cities that have similar climates.  If you are building a new home, having it installed at the same time will save you the costs of retro-fitting it and you can have everything new together.

Being able to have the ductwork put in before the home is fully completed, means it can be located in the ideal location with almost no effort. If it is left until after, the ductwork may be compromised by not fitting into the best positions for it.

Ductwork goes from the central unit, usually placed in the ceiling cavity or on top of the roof, depending on the type of a/c it is. It is compromised of light, flexible pipes that lead into each room where it is required. Vents to which the ductwork is attached are cut into the ceilings so that when the unit is turned on, the cool stream is fanned directly to each room that has its vent open. It is possible to close them off if they are not required, which saved on the power used, at least to some extent.

Not all ductwork is made from the same material. Some is a cloth like substance than can be easily damaged, or eaten through by rodents or insects. Once there are holes in it, the air con has to work harder to push air into the room because it escapes through the holes. This will cause your air conditioning unit to be less efficient and more costly to run. Therefore, it is wise to choose a unit with strong ductwork.

Regardless, an electrician is needed to install such a unit, and possible a builder as well to cut the outlets for the vents. Make sure your electrician is one who is trained and qualified to work with air conditioning units, as not all are. Our friendly electricians are able to install such a unit for you, making sure the work is done properly and taking great care to handle everything carefully to prevent damage to any of the components – not just the ductwork.

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