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Mandurah Electricians on Call Now

If you’re living in the Mandurah area and need a team of highly qualified and professional electricians, look no further than Richtek.

We provide a wide range of electrical services around the clock. From emergency fixes to industrial mining operations, our experience is extensive, and we work around the clock to help our customers get on with their lives.

If you’re needing commercial electric assistance here are a few key offerings we proudly serve to our clients:

  • Exit and emergency lighting so you’re up to date with the latest rules and regulations.
  • Shop and warehouse inspection to ensure your electric is optimized and things stay up and running.
  • Testing and tagging of key electric systems throughout your commercial property and more.

Here are a few key reasons why Richtek is one of the best electrical solutions in Mandurah.

We Work To Earn Your Trust

Being invited as a guest into your home is privilege, and it’s one we do not take lightly at Richtek.  From the moment you call or email us, we are committed to doing everything we can to earn your trust and make the experience fantastic throughout the entire process.  Our electricians treat your home as their own while helping you solve your electrical issue and will never talk down to you or recommend an additional service just to increase our bottom line.

Richtek’s team is some of the best in the business.

Founded by Philip Richardson, Richtek was created as a way to take the electrical industry to the next level. With over 12 years of experience, Richardson knew that there was an incredible opportunity to provide a reliable service with top quality customer service. Every single one of our employees is deeply invested in working in doing a great job and helping you solve your problems.  Richtek electricians know how to provide quality work for industrial, domestic, commercial, and general maintenance projects.

Spend just one minute with a member of our staff, and you’ll quickly see that we genuinely love what we do!

Richtek aims to keep your power on for years to come.

Interactions with low-quality service providers often require second or third visits to solve your electrical problems entirely. Not with Richtek – our electricians get the job done right the first time, guaranteed. Attention to details and a focus on the bigger picture of the electrical system gives our staff an extra advantage in providing you with a quick repair process.  We know your time is valuable and we will take up as little of time from you as possible.

To ensure your home or business is trouble-free, we analyse your system carefully.  An outdated electrical system creates one of the most dangerous safety situations in a home or building. Because so much of the system is hidden from view, serious problems can go unnoticed. Risks such as exposed or uncovered wires, improperly functioning power points, or incorrectly installed appliances can lead to damaged belongings, injury, or fire.

Skilled Richtek electricians are available to perform a thorough inspection of your electrical system and can catch these pitfalls before they become actual problems. Our inspection services are available in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings. A complete picture of the electrical system situation around you is particularly useful when relocating your family or work somewhere new.

As an added benefit, your electrician will be prepared to rewire or repair anything they find during their examination.

For 24/7 critical electrical needs, call Richtek.

Emergency electrical coverage is beneficial for everyone, just in case. However, it is an essential service during situations involving medical conditions or newborn babies. Our emergency services are provided by experienced electricians day and night. Even if we can’t completely fix your issue in the moment, we offer a temporary fix to cover your needs until we return.

Our industrial team is ready for any task in any field.

Our knowledgeable electricians are prepared to visit your industrial location and ensure everything works correctly. The wide-ranging background of our team members uniquely informs their open-minded perspective. No two industry situations are the same, which means that electrical service providers must think critically about the circumstances in front of them. With many different levels of exposure to extreme temperatures, rough services, and weather, your electrical system requires an industrial technician who can think critically and creatively. Richtek electricians do just that.

We are here for you with full-service electrical support.

Richtek electricians quickly become invested in the safety and happiness of our Mandurah clients. Through inspections and preventative maintenance services, our team does more than the often expected bare minimum, to be sure no undiscovered issues are causing problems within the electrical system inside your home or business. We hold ourselves to the highest of quality and safety standards and strive to bring your electrical system up with us.

The answers to your electrical questions lie only a short phone call away!

Call today to get your home, office, or industrial property in Mandurah inspected by one of our licensed and friendly team members. Richtek is always happy to help, and your safety and comfort is our concern.

We are a local Electrical company who service the area and Surrounding Suburbs.

Our Local electricians would love to help you out today.
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