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Highly Qualified Electricians in Subiaco

Looking for an electrician is a long and often tedious process. Can you trust those reviews online? Will they give you a fair rate? Are they capable of handling even the most complicated electrical requests? At Richtek Electrical we have been serving our customers for over a decade and are committed to offering the highest quality service around. We provide high-quality work for your commercial, residential, and industrial needs.

Here are just a handful of the services we happily offer.

  • Priced based on project , not hourly, so you have ensured a fair and reasonable rate!
  • 24/7 Emergency support
  • Indoor and outdoor electrical wiring.
  • Inspections, installations, repairs and more!

Take a look at a few of the other reasons why we believe we stand out compared to our competitors.

Same Day Service For Standard Jobs

We know how frustrating it can be to have your power go out and not being able to get anyone to call you back. We know how frustrating it can need a quick installation only to have to wait until the following week. At Richtek we proudly offer same day service for most regular jobs so you can quickly get back to your busy everyday life. If you need an electrical job done quickly and professionally,  we have your back.

Whether you need advice on how to best wire your new business, or just want a smoke detector installed in the living room, a member of our team will be happy to assist.

100{d0550baa7ee3666f8bf49bb1ca3122dca88434fe2485f883a6c0f25ecb7d2b53} Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand firmly behind the quality of work, so much so that we offer an unbeatable 100{d0550baa7ee3666f8bf49bb1ca3122dca88434fe2485f883a6c0f25ecb7d2b53} satisfaction guarantee. Whether we’re installing a doorbell, or hooking up electrical to your boardroom for your conference room if you’re not happy we’ll make things right. We are committed to providing the absolute best service around and will do everything in our power to ensure you are delighted at the end of the day.

The Best of The Best

When you hire a Richtek electrician, you can rest assured knowing you are having of the highest quality electricians in all of Western Australia working for you tirelessly to inspect, repair, or install exactly what you need. Our team goes through rigorous amounts of training and an extensive hiring process to ensure we truly only hire the best around. Not only will you know you’re getting a world-class job done, but our team of professionals are also all respectful and friendly throughout the entire process!

If you’re looking for highly qualified electricians in Subiaco, please give us a call today!

We are a local Subiaco Electrical company who service the Subiaco area and Surrounding Suburbs.

Our Local Subiaco electricians would love to help you out today.
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