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Security Lights in Perth
You’ve spent time and money investing in quality lighting solutions on the inside of your home, so why not the outside as well? There are so many reasons to install custom outdoor security lights on your property, and at Richtek, if you can dream it, we can implement it.

We specialize in:

  • Driveway security lights
  • LED motion detector security lights
  • Networked security lights
  • Industrial security lights
  • Infrared security lights outdoors
  • Commercial security lights

Let’s break down a few of our core services to better understand what we can do for you and your family. If you are interested in security light installation in Perth, give us a call today for more info!

LED vs. Halogen Security Lights
We get asked about the LED/halogen debate quite a bit at Richtek, so we thought it would be helpful to give an overview of these two types of security lighting solutions. For the most part, LED lights are going to be the better pick for security lights from dusk to dawn. This is because they are both brighter, giving off more light to surrounding areas, and operate better at a wide variety of temperatures. Halogen lights, on the other hand, requires a very high running temperature and don’t last as long as LED night guard security lights.

Driveway Security Lights
Having professional security lighting installed along your driveway accomplishes several things. For one, it illuminates one of the main entryways to your property, ensuring that any would-be lawbreakers have no easy means of snooping around. However, it also has a way of framing up any unique architectural features you may have, giving them satisfying, long shadows that create interest in your home’s nighttime appearance. Dawn to dusk security lights for the driveway and other areas of the front yard are some of the popular requests we get from customers, and once you see them in action, you’ll understand why.

Networked Security Lights
New automation solutions emerging on the market have made it possible to have fully networked security lights that operate off of a wireless network, or WiFi. This means that you’re able to control the entire system, from brightness to colour, automatic scene transition and more, all from your smartphone or tablet device. At Richtek, we can design and implement whole-home solutions that can be set to a custom schedule. For standard security lights, dusk to dawn settings are the most popular, but anything is possible using our fully modifiable systems. If you’re interested in a custom networked security light solution, reach out to us today for a free consultation.

Outdoor Wall Security Lights
To protect the walls outside of your home directly, many of our customers will also install outdoor wall security lights. These are commonly placed in key positions around the property to ensure that there are no “blind spots” left unilluminated. Our team of professional lighting technicians can survey your property and give you recommendations on lighting placement for optimal coverage and safety.

Screwfix Security Lights
We carry a wide range of Screwfix security lights, which are extremely popular in Perth, WA. The company includes PIR settings on all security lights, giving them both motion-sensing capabilities and infrared night vision. All of these technologies come together to greatly increase the security of your property.

Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Security Lights
In general, outdoor security lights with a motion sensor are used in vulnerable areas, such as around doorways, garages, and other points of entry such as large windows. When they detect any motion, they will automatically turn on, flooding the area with a blinding light that is sure to scare off any would-be intruders. These are some of our best-selling security lights in Perth, and we specialize in end-to-end integration, meaning that these can also be included in a whole-home lighting configuration.

Industrial Security Lights
Looking for an industrial security lighting solution for your business? Richtek has you covered. No property is too large for our professional team of technicians, and we can help you design a custom security lighting solution to fit your requirements. For more information on getting a custom system put in place, reach out to us for a business consultation today.

Security Lights in Perth
At Richtek, it’s our promise to you to provide the most modern, comprehensive security lighting solutions on the market, regardless of the size of your property. Our team of professionals is standing by to help you design a system that can keep you and family safe all year round, and we take pride in installing only the highest quality brands and solutions for our Perth customers. If you’re ready to protect your home and illuminate it at night for all to see, reach out to us today. Exterior lighting can be so much more than just outdoor LED security lights with sensors. We’ll walk you through all of the options available to you, and get you started designing a custom-built solution that works for you. See you soon!

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