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Best Electrical Services in Rockingham

Richtek Electrical provides dozens of professional electrical services for all your needs across the commercial, industrial, and residential industries. If you need electrical help, we have you covered:

  • Lighting installation and safety checks.
  • Temporary site power when you need it most.
  • State of the art inspections to ensure your electric is optimized for performance and safety.
  • Office and warehouse electric inspections and installations by a professional staff.

And more!

Moving can be stressful, but don’t let an outdated and unsafe electrical system add to that stress. Call Richtek electrical services today to schedule a pre-move-in inspection of your property.

Just need some help with your electric at your business or home? We can help with that today. Our professional and expert team at Richtek provides electrical services in the commercial, residential, and industrial industries and we are committed to providing the best experience in town.

With Richtek, your electrical needs are in good hands.

Your office assistant, your business partner, your spouse, your kids – there are so many people in this world you want to keep safe. Ensuring the wiring in your premises in Rockingham is up to code is an easy step you can take.

Our commercial and domestic services, available with same-day appointments and performed by trustworthy electricians, will empower you with the knowledge that you’ve done what’s best for your house or workspace.

No need to worry about an unexpected fire or your power going out at the least ideal time.

Our experienced electricians will handle your issues professionally. 

Richtek founder Philip Richardson is best known for his work ethic, trustworthy nature, and expertise as a leader in the field. After 12 years of working on his own, he began his business to create a broader reach for his high standards while providing affordable services. Richtech remains one of the most widely lauded service providers for their professionalism, education, and general electrical knowledge.

Inspired by Richardson, Richtek places a heavy emphasis on excellent customer service and treating everyone with respect. We know you have many options when looking for electrical solutions and we are determined to show you why we believe we are the best.

At Richtek, we’re up to date with the latest technology.

The electrical industry is continuously changing. New techniques and methods emerge regularly. Our electricians stay educated on all of these advancements and changes to their industry. You can rest easy knowing that your project contains no obsolete fixes or techniques known to fail. Unlike when using some more budget electricians you won’t have to worry about a part breaking or malfunctioning a few days after installation.

Our technicians communicate with you clearly and openly.

Repair technicians across industries have developed a reputation for being tardy and uncommunicative, but not the Richtek team. We make sure we communicate our recommendations and reasoning every step of the way. We want you to be entirely in the loop so you can make an educated and informed decision about your electric needs. At Richtek we also will never talk down to you and always try to explain everything in an easy to understand way.

Let us help you make your move stress free.

In addition to other services, we also can assist with setting up a new home. Moving to a new location in Rockingham? We offer pre-move electrical inspections for domestic, commercial, and industrial facilities. Let one of our qualified electricians reassure you that the electrical system in your new place is safe and efficient. Best case scenario, you learn that everything is perfect. Worst case scenario, it’s time for preventative maintenance to be performed by a Richtek electrician who is already on your property. Solving the problem before it becomes an issue is much better than calling us when you need repairs following an unfavourable situation.

Even if you aren’t new to your home or business space, we recommend an inspection by one of our local electricians every so often. This investment in your safety has the potential to protect you from future disaster.

Our team will have your home or business hit the ground running.

At Richtek, we care about keeping your life in Rockingham as uninterrupted as possible, even through emergency or unexpected situations. Electrical emergencies often result from sparks, downed power lines, smoke from fixtures or power points, or flickering lights on a breaker panel. Whether the answer is a repair that we can perform quickly or a larger solution that will take some planning and time, our team is devoted to providing some version of an immediate fix during these situations.

What should you do in an electrical emergency?

Richtek electricians are on call to help talk you through an electrical issue at any hour of the day, even if it’s not technically an emergency.  Their extensive training and experience will help keep you calm and safe.

Remember, never touch anything that sparks, smokes, or burns without first disconnecting the power at the box. Live wires and downed power lines have a high risk of causing injury if you contact them. Leave them be until professionals arrive.

The quality of our work is unparalleled. 

Each of our electricians has advanced skills in many electrical specialties. Their educated, well-informed perspectives enable them to notice telling patterns and symptoms and develop creative solutions to problems that other, less-educated technicians might overlook. The quality of work performed by our team is hard to match.

Richtek is happy to answer your questions. Ask Richtek about the safety of wiring in your home, office, or shop. Richtek offers 24/7 emergency electrical services in the Rockingham area. If it can’t be fixed immediately, they’ll provide a temporary fix to keep you up and running.

We are a local Rockingham Electrical company who service the Rockingham area and Surrounding Suburbs.

Our Local Rockingham electricians would love to help you out today.
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