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Looking for a Joondalup Electrician?

Richtek Electrical provides the Joondalup area with top-notch electrical services from powerpoint replacement to complete renovation projects. Home, office, or shop, Richtek is here to provide dependable and reliable service 24 hours a day.

We offer a large variety of services regardless of your area of need including, industrial, commercial, and residential electrical assistance.For your commercial needs we cover:

  • Communication setups so you can run meetings without worry.
  • Installation and inspection of electrical exit and emergency lighting.
  • Testing of your current electrical equipment for your peace of mind and much more.

Here are a few ways Richtek stands out from our competition:

Our team is responsible and trustworthy. You’ll rest easy knowing we’re on the job.

Being knowledgeable and skilled at what we do is only one part of the equation. Our team of trained experts are also great people and are excellent at communicating with you throughout every step of the process. We know inviting a stranger into your home can be scary, which is why we are committed to hiring only the best of the best. It’s enough of a challenge finding someone you trust to ensure that your power system is working correctly, let alone someone you trust to be around your family. We are here to do just that.

Richtek stays ahead of the curve by adopting new technology early.

At Richtek we believe strongly that you’re only as good as the quality of equipment and gear you use, which is why as a company we invest heavily in adopting the best technology in the electrical industry and ensuring our staff is highly trained with the new best practices. All employees are required to keep up with changing technologies and know what’s new across many specialties, including industrial, domestic, and commercial industries. Through challenging educational requirements and advanced training proficiencies, the Richtek team includes the most talented electrical minds around.

Richtek will answer your call and diagnose your electrical emergency 24/7.

Emergency electricians are always on call in Joondalup for all of your business, residential, and industrial electrical problems that may arise. We are so sure that our team can fix any problem that we offer a complete guarantee of satisfaction. We’re so confident that we won’t sign off on a job without your expressed approval of the work performed.

Emergencies are never fun, and we want to make the process as stress-free as possible! You’ll never worry about being ignored or not getting one of our members of staff to pick up during your time of need!

Throughout a renovation, Richtek aims to prevent future issues with your electricity. 

When it comes to planning a home remodel or renovation, your electrician is someone you might not even think to call. While it’s usually not the most appealing part of home improvement projects, your electrical system could be set up to cause major damage, either during the renovation process or after. It’s better to know before something happens so that it can be repaired.

Your Richtek electrician is available to provide a thorough inspection of your entire electrical system before your next home remodelling project.

Having a complete picture of what’s going on behind your walls gives you the power to either remedy existing problems or avoid making them worse. When you know what is working, how it connects to the elements around it, and where the risks lie, you can be sure to prevent unexpected power outages, electrical damage, or – in the worst case scenario – fire.

As an added benefit, your electrician can fix any of the problems that they find before you start your project to be even more confident that your home repairs will go according to plan.

We provide full-service electrical support.

By working within their home community and being passionate about the services they provide to the Joondalup area, Richtek electricians often become invested in the wellbeing of our clients. Through safety inspections and preventative maintenance services, our team goes above and beyond to ensure that no major issues are affecting the electrical system within your home or business. We hold ourselves to the highest safety standards and strive to bring your electrical system to meet them.

Every member of our team is an effective communicator and uses those skills with our clients. You will never question what is going on as part of your inspection or repairs. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep you in the loop throughout the entire work process.

Working with Richtek means choosing an intellectual approach.

Our electricians have advanced skills and knowledge across specialties. As a result of their education and experience, they notice complex patterns, unique insights, and offer creative solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. Teams with less devotion to continuing education often fall short of delivering the same quality of service as Richtek.

Richtek is eager to answer your questions regarding electrical services.

Call today to get your home, office, or industrial property inspected by one of our licensed and polite team members. From new construction to renovation in Joondalup, Richtek goes the distance to make its customers happy.

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