What Makes A Good Commercial Electrician?

When you look to hire an electrician, you will soon find out that there are a lot of options out there. Aside from the many companies, there are also different types of electricians to choose from who each specialise in various areas of the electrical services industry.

How do you decide who to hire to handle your commercial electrical needs?

Luckily, there are electricians who have worked in construction long enough to specialise in commercial electrical work. If you need to have cables laid or need any installations, this type of electrician is just what you need.


Here are some traits that make up a good commercial electrician:

  • Adaptable


A dependable commercial electrician needs to be creatively adaptive in order to think of quick solutions when they need to. On typical commercial sites, the construction workers do not understand how the electrical wires within a wall are installed, so they usually place electrical outlets haphazardly. When the electrical contractor comes in, they need to figure out on the spot how to best get the job done.


  • Experience


An electrician only learns how to be adaptable and creative in their solutions when they have acquired enough experience. Inexperienced electricians that merely have the most basic skills under their belt will not be able to provide as high quality of a service.


  • Diverse Skillset


Another thing that a quality commercial electrician needs to have is a diverse skillset, meaning that there are other things the electrician needs to know how to do besides basic electrical knowledge.


For example, they need to have good communication skills in order to work effectively with any customer they may encounter such as building owners, builders, or even other commercial contractors. Communication is key to explaining a job clearly without confusing the customer with too many technical terms that no one (besides other electricians) will understand.


  • Professional


Professionalism is a critical quality in any person you conduct business with. A good electrician presents themselves professionally and works efficiently and cleanly on all of their projects. This means that they block out all of the other work being done around them, so they can focus entirely on what their task is and ensure that they don’t make any mistakes.


  • Passion


Passion and excitement show that the electrician truly cares about the work they are doing for their customer. While an electrician can’t be expected to be giddy for every single task they do, whenever something out of the ordinary comes along, such as specialty work of some kind, it is refreshing to see them convey their excitement to work on the project to their customer.


Richtek Commercial Electricians


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