Electrical Safety in the Workplace

The safety of a workplace should be its top priority, and one of the biggest factors in this is electrical safety. Electricity should be taken seriously, as it has been known to cause injury and even death when handled incorrectly.

The best way to ensure workplace safety when dealing with electricity is to investigate the different major aspects of electrical use and make sure you are using the appropriate amount of safety in each area.

Extension Leads and Power Boards

Power boards or strips and extension leads or cords need to be properly managed for risks in order to ensure workplace safety.

Here are some tips to help:

1.Keep power boards above the floor and in a well-ventilated space
2. Make sure all your power boards are protected from surges or power overloads and that they also have an on/off switch
3. Cords on both power boards and extension leads need to be inspected occasionally to ensure they are in good condition
4. Extension leads need to be placed carefully so the risk of a trip hazard is minimised
5. If using an extension lead outdoors, make sure that it is a heavy-duty type that is meant for that type of use

Electrical Risks and Hazards

Here are some of the more common hazards to look out for:

  • Electrical issues that could lead to an electrical fire or even an explosion
  • A damaged wire or cord that is exposed and can cause electrical burns or shocks upon contact
  • Outlets that are overloaded with filled power strips

Electrocution can be severe enough to fatally injure a person. Even if the shock isn’t fatal, it can lead to other accidents like causing a person to fall from scaffolding. An employee does not need to be working directly with wires or electricity to experience an electrical hazard or come into contact with another electrical risk.

Electrical Appliances

Appliances can experience a lot of issues and need to be regularly checked for any faults. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are using or buying an electrical appliance:

  • Never use an appliance in a way it was not designed to be used for
  • If an appliance is damaged, it should be switched off and unplugged immediately if it is safe to do so
  • Never use an appliance that was exposed to any liquid
  • If an appliance is exposed to water or another liquid, turn it off and unplug it

Lighting and Heating

Encourage workplace safety by encouraging staff to look out for electrical issues and by telling them helpful tips to avoid accidents.

  • Never leave your workplace unattended while a heating appliance is still turned on
  • If a lighting fixture is damaged or if damaged wires are found, it should be turned off and you should call a reliable electrician to assess the situation

Richtek Electrical & Air Solutions has a qualified team of experienced electricians who are happy to discuss workplace safety when dealing with electricity. If you are experiencing any electrical faults in your workplace, contact us today.