5 Strategies for Making Your Workplace More Energy Efficient

Businesses in any industry are familiar with the large amounts of energy their employment consumes, so it is only natural that they begin to review how they conduct their energy use practices. Energy conservation is becoming more and more relevant, and not only because it helps the environment.

Businesses can gain a lot from making their workplace more energy efficient as this can significantly help decrease monthly energy bills. An opportunity to save money for your own bottom line shouldn’t be overlooked, so check out these energy-efficient, inexpensive strategies:

Minimise Heating and Cooling

Many people are worried about messing with the heating and cooling system in fear of upsetting the comfort of everyone else in the room. However, just a few degrees of a difference are hardly noticeable, so you can alter the heating and cooling without negatively impacting the comfort of the room.

In cold weather, try setting the thermostat temperature down a few degrees lower than normal. In the summer, turn the air conditioning up a couple of degrees. The amount of energy saved from this really adds up over a few months, and staff won’t even notice the change!

Enforce Power-Off and Lights-Off Regulations

At the end of the work day when employees go home, many do not realise that leaving their computers on standby and the lights on until the next day drains a lot of energy for a business. By creating a policy where regulations are in place to ensure that the lights get turned off and computers get turned off, you can save yourself a lot of energy consumption.

Try putting stickers on light switches and friendly reminders on the noticeboard to help keep this at the forefront of employees’ minds; email reminders work well too.

Consider More Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a big energy-efficient choice for any office. Windows and skylights are both great for adding natural light in the workplace, so try encouraging employees to draw the blinds to let natural light in during the day and then move back to electric lights when it gets too dark outside to provide enough natural light.

Update Appliances

Old printers and refrigerators can consume a lot more energy than upgraded appliances. If you have two fridges but your workplace really only needs one, trade them out for a new fridge with a higher energy rating.

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the most beneficial investments you can make to increase energy efficiency. Solar panels are much more affordable than they used to be, so it makes sense to generate your own power with a solar power system or a solar hot water system.

Need an Electrician?

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