How Often Does Your Office Need An Inspection?

From breakroom refrigerators to overhead lighting, every modern workplace uses electricity in some way. If everything is running smoothly in your office, you might not even consider that it needs an inspection. Why inspect an area that is working just fine?

Even if you have no known electrical problems in your office, there can still be hazards that you would never notice on a daily basis.

Electrical inspections provide a comprehensive look at all of the potential electrical issues that could occur in your office, including:

  • Possible exposed wires
  • Possible permanent wiring that is uncovered
  • Any outdated wiring
  • Making sure the safety switches are operable
  • Checking the power box
  • Testing smoke alarms
  • Checking lighting and power points
  • Checking for any appliances or other electrical objects that are not up to government regulation standards for electrical safety

Electrical issues can occur unexpectedly and need to be addressed right away, and getting your office inspected at the proper times is a great way to prevent any avoidable electrical hazards.

While regular electrical inspections are healthy for your office, here are the major times that you should schedule an inspection:

Before Moving into an Office Space

If you are moving to a new office space, you should have an electrical inspection prior to renting or buying it. If there are any electrical issues that are found during the inspection, the plus side is that you may be able to negotiate for a lower price for the property. Sometimes, these inspections are included in the comprehensive building inspection report prior to purchase, but you should double check so that it is not overlooked.

Building inspectors do not typically check the smoke alarms or the electrical wiring, which are both extremely important aspects of a property. If these are not checked out, you should contact a reliable electrician to come inspect the property. Richtek Electrical & Air Solutions has been inspecting properties for years, so you can count on us to test the outlets and inspect the wiring, electrical panels, circuit interrupters, and smoke alarms for your new office space to ensure that it is safe to work in.

If You Have Any Concerns About Your Building

Experiencing regular electrical problems, such as a power outage or a tripped circuit breaker, is a sign that your office should be inspected. Other concerns for your building can include:

  • If the office space is over 25 years old
  • If the wiring is outdated
  • If you suspect there has been any DIY work

After a Strong Storm

Major storms can cause flooding, which can impact the status of the electrical safety for your building. An electrician should be contacted to inspect your outlets, appliances, and any wiring that was exposed to storm damages before they are used.

Our experienced team at Richtek offers inspection services for both commercial offices and residential homes. Contact us today for preventative tips, advice, or to schedule an inspection!