Top 10 Most Common Electrical Problems

#1: Frequent Electrical Surges

 Regular electrical surges can result from lightning strikes, damaged power lines, faulty appliances, or bad electrical wiring. These surges, if frequent, can damage your home’s electrical components. Regular surges tend to point towards a problem in your home grid or wiring.

 #2: Malfunctioning Light Switches

 If your dimmer switches aren’t properly working, this could be chalked up to bad workmanship or inferior products. If your new home’s switches aren’t working at all, however, this could mean that they have been superseded and the fixtures removed, or the problem could also lie in the wiring, circuit, or outlet.

 #3: Circuit Breaker Frequently Tripping

 High wattage items in the home can trip your circuit breaker. Circuit breakers are designed to protect your home, so if it’s tripping, it’s working properly! Pay attention to what you’re using when the circuit breaker trips and try to limit electrical usage on a single circuit to prevent it from happening more.

#4: Power Dips and Sags

This can be related to faulty devices connected to your power grid or substandard materials. These tend to draw a lot of power when in use.

#5: Circuit Overload

Overloading power boards is one of the biggest reasons for frequent circuit breaker tripping. If your circuit breakers trip frequently, it might be because of circuit overload.

 #6: Lights Too Dim or Bright

 If some of your house’s lights are overly bright while others leave you squinting in the dark, then this could be because of your lights having different wattage, or a bad main neutral connection. An electrician can help you to pinpoint and solve the problem!

 #7: Electrical Shocks

 No one likes getting shocked, and if it happens a lot in your home, it could be because of faulty wiring. Electricians can help to determine if the problem is with your appliance that is shocking you, or the wiring of your home that the appliance is plugged into.

 #8: High Electrical Bill

 No one likes to pay a huge power bill, and if you keep seeing these month after month, your home might not be using energy as efficiently as it should. The cause could be damaged wiring or circuits, or you might need a more cost effective provider.

 #9: Bulbs Frequently Burning Out

 If your lights in your home burn out often, the wattage may be too high, your circuit wiring or main wiring might be bad, or there could be a poor connection to the circuit.

 #10: Recessed Light Comes Out and Back In

 Downlights come equipped with safety features to cut the power when it overheats. If this happens often, your bulb may have too high wattage, or the insulation in your ceiling may be too close to the bulb.