Best LED Downlights for 2018

#1: TORCHSTAR 12W 4-Inch Dimmable LED Retrofit Downlight

One of the great things about having LED lights in the home is their friendliness to your energy bill! This model in particular helps save as much as 80% with its 12W LED fixtures replacing 90 halogen bulbs and providing more light at the same time.

This model is elegant with its reflector trim and matte white housing that will match your hardware and wall. Topped off with a frosted glass lens, it gives off a timeless look. And, of course, the dimmable feature is extremely convenient, providing you with only as much light as you need!

#2: Sunco Lighting Gimbal Dimmable Downlight

This energy efficient model offers a whopping 35,000 hours of life – the longest of any LED retrofit available on today’s market! No wonder it was rated #1 for quality and reliability in 2015.

With the beam angle shining at a 90-degree angle, the horizontal rotatable angle sitting at 180 degrees, and a vertical rotatable angle of 90 degrees, this gives off just the right light for your needs! We love the Sunco model because it is an affordable model that doesn’t skimp on quality!

#3: Hyperikon 4-Inch Energy Star LED Downlight

 Replace your old bulbs with this great downlight and upgrade your current downlights to a more modern appearance. The Retrofit LED Fixture helps to update your home with ease – both inside and out! Boasting excellent energy efficiency and functionality, this model is definitely worth installing in any home.

#4: Lithonia Lighting 13W Dimmable Downlight

 If you’re looking for something that is easy to install, then this model is for you! The slim and innovative design of these downlights allows for easy retrofit, new construction, or remodel installation both safely and easily. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use on residential, commercial, hospitality, and multifamily properties! This excellent product is bright, dimmable, ultra-thin, and extremely reliable! It’s a great option in any home in need of a downlight.

The Verdict

Ready to get started on your new downlight installation in your home? Make sure you get things done right the first time!

Installing downlights and LED lights within your home is a job that you should always entrust to a licensed electrical technician – and sometimes even an architect, too. This is a job you will never want to brave without the aid of an electrical technician on your side.

So, after looking over the top LED downlights available in the 2018 market, have you decided that this is the upgrade that you need for your home? We don’t blame you!

Get started today by getting in touch with electrical professionals that you can rely on!