Top 5 Most Common Electrical Questions

Is there something going on with the electricity in your home? Do you wish you could ask an expert electrician a question about your home’s electricity?

If so, you’re in luck! Here are the 5 most common questions that people ask about electricity and their answers. Maybe this will help to answer the question about electricity that has been plaguing you and help you determine whether or not you need the help of a professional on the scene!

Without further ado, here are the 5 electrical questions that electricians most frequently hear!

Why Won’t My Tripped Circuit Breaker Turn Back On?

 If you are looking to reset a circuit breaker that has tripped, you will need to ensure that the switch is completely in the “off” position first. If you are able to return it back to the “on” position without it tripping again, your circuit breaker will have been successfully reset.

If it won’t reset or if it trips again when you turn it on, you might have an overload on the circuit or a short circuit. Make sure there aren’t too many things going into a single circuit and if that doesn’t work, it’s time to call in an electrician!

Do I Need to Be Concerned About Outlets that Don’t Work?

 It seems like a very simple thing, but it is easy to overlook wall switches – especially if you’re new to the home you’re living in.

Try plugging in a lamp into a functional outlet and unplug it while it’s still in the “on” position. Then plug it into an outlet that doesn’t appear to be working and flip wall switches nearby. If the lamp comes on, that means your outlet is controlled by a wall switch!

If this isn’t the problem, though, and you have no circuits in your breaker box that have tripped, you might want to call an electrician to look for a short in your electrical system.

I’ve Changed the Lightbulb in My Yard but It Still Doesn’t Work. Is This a Short?

If you have changed the lightbulb in a light mount in your yard but it’s still not lighting up, you might have a short circuit. It’s possible that the person who installed your light didn’t protect the wiring well enough or could it could have been accidentally cut by a person mowing or digging in the yard, or the photocell may have worn out and needs replacing.

Do I Need to Worry If the Dimmer on My Dining Room Light Is Hot to the Touch?

Unless the light is uncomfortably hot or you can hear a buzzing sound, this isn’t something to worry about. However, if that is the case or if you smell plastic burning or you notice that your lights are flickering, then this is a sign that you should call in a specialist to take a look.


Why Does My Circuit Trip When I Turn on My Microwave?

 Many cabinet-mounted microwaves that have been added to the house after it was initially built use between 1100 and 1800 watts. Builders will often install the range hood above your oven/range in order to exhaust the kitchen’s cooking fumes only. A 15-amp lighting circuit works for the exhaust fan alone, but if it shares the circuit with other outlets or lights, that is too much power being drawn. Installing a new 20-amp 120 volt dedicated circuit should fix the problem!