Using Smart Technology in Your Home to Lower Your Electric Costs

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You’ve heard of smart phones – but have you heard of smart homes?

Smart technology continues to rise in popularity for a lot of reasons, one of the biggest ones being that they keep your home’s heating costs down.

How does smart technology work to save you money on your electric bill? Read on to find out:

What Is Smart Technology?

 Smart technology is modern, advanced technology that has been designed to make our lives easier. In the home, most smart technology is designed to intuitively do things for you, so you don’t need to think about it! One example is Amazon’s Echo, which essentially performs a lot of the functions of a smart home. How can this smart technology help to lower your electric bill, though?

Let’s explore some of the technologies that might help your wallet to breathe a sigh of relief.

#1: Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are a great way to conserve energy in the home. These work by learning about your needs and habits and creating custom cooling and heating schedules based on your lifestyle. By doing so, this eliminates unnecessary energy use and waste of heat.

How often do you remember to change the temperature before you leave the house? Many of us often forget, and there’s no reason to heat or cool an empty home for 8 hours. Smart thermostats can take care of this for you and even start cooling down to reach a comfortable temperature just in time for you to return home.

#2: Smart Vent

 With most of the heating systems we have in our homes, it’s all or nothing –one temperature throughout your entire home. This isn’t very efficient if you spend most of your time in a few select rooms, such as your bedroom and living room. With smart technology, you can get smart vents that aid in reducing wasted energy by allowing you to regulate temperature room by room.

#3: Smart Window Blinds

 Smart window blinds work to save money in your home when you’re not there. Give your heating and cooling system a break to save more energy. When you’re not home, your smart blinds will open if they detect sunlight – helping to heat up your home with natural, warm light. These blinds also do the opposite – when too much sunlight is overheating your home, they will automatically shut to prevent too much sun from coming in and making your cooling system overwork itself.

The Verdict

Do the hottest and coldest months really do a number on your wallet with higher energy costs for heating and cooling?

You’re not alone! If you want to try and save money when extreme temperatures come around, you could benefit from these smart technologies.

If you want to implement these into your home to save money, get in touch with a local electrician in Perth. At Richtek Electrical and Air Solutions, we can help you to upgrade your home into a smart home and keep your energy costs down at the same time!

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