The Cost Of Upgrading Your Switchboard

Are you considering upgrading your switchboard? Has an electrician been out to your property and told you that you need a new one, or have you simply noticed problems with it on your own and think it might be time to­ have it upgraded?

Switchboards aren’t designed to last forever, so needing to upgrade yours when the time comes is to be expected. But what should you expect when your switchboard starts acting up and you need to upgrade it? What will the damage be to your wallet? Let’s dive in:

Knowing When to Upgrade

If you have an older Perth home, then it’s more likely that you’ll need to upgrade your switchboard if you haven’t yet. This ensures that the wiring is sufficient to support the needs of multiple appliances that you use in your household at the same time. When your house was first built, it may not have been standard to have so much electricity running through it at once. Today, however, it’s normal to be running a washing machine, dishwasher, air-conditioner, and an oven all at the same time – and that requires a lot of electricity.

Switchboards that were installed in Perth homes that are more than 20 years old are typically not able to cope with these high demands. As a result, you might be at risk of a connector in the wiring or fuse burning out. This could result in a dangerous electrical fire.

In addition, older switchboards might not have the required 2 RCDs, which is another essential reason that your switchboard might need upgrading. These RCDs help to offer a layer of protection for your children and family by protecting against shocks and electrical fires.

Dangers of an Outdated Switchboard

As we have already mentioned, outdated switchboards might not have the required 2 RCDs that they need to help keep your family safe. These devices are designed to protect your family against fatal electrocutions by cutting the power source instantly, protecting anyone who touches a live wire from electrical shock. Installing RCDs has been proven to prevent 90% of fatal electrocutions!

Fuses and plug-in circuit breakers are responsible for most electrical fires, so upgrading your switchboard allows you to take advantage of all the benefits with none of the dangers! Finally, many older switchboards also contain asbestos within their mounting. Asbestos is a proven carcinogenic and poses a health risk if it is not removed correctly. So, to protect your family from this harmful substance, make sure you call on a licensed electrician to remove your old switchboard and upgrade your home’s electricity!

Upgrade Your Switchboard Today!

Upgrading your switchboard can improve your electrical supply in your home, while also keeping your family safe. And the price of doing this is usually very reasonable if you know where to look!

A standard-sized home in Perth tends to require 11-15 poles as well as a new main switch to be installed. You can typically find this in Perth for around $1300 for this type of switchboard upgrade – but it all depends on the size and requirements of your home, so for an exact quote, it is best to speak with a local electrician! At Richtek Electrical and Air Solutions, we will be able to inspect your home and the requirements of your switchboard upgrade to give you a better idea of what you need to pay.