Benefits of Installing Bathroom Exhaust Fans & Extractors

Bathroom exhaust fans can serve many important purposes within a home. Perhaps most importantly, these electrical appliances serve as an integral part of a residence’s healthy ventilation system.

High humidity within the home is a common problem experienced by Perth residents, and as the primary function of these fans is to remove that excessive moisture, an increasing number of local residents have been opting for the installation of these fans for effective ventilation.

Exhaust fans and extractors can be installed in several areas throughout the home, but they are perhaps most beneficial when installed in the washroom areas. Activities such as showering –  which can produce a lot of steam – or the presence of incandescent lights above bathroom mirrors can lead to the generation of a great deal of heat within the bathroom. If nothing else, this can be uncomfortable, particularly during the warmer months.

Therefore, exhaust fans can serve as an effective tool to mediate some of the general heat as well as odours within your bathroom, particularly when there are no other means of ventilation, such as windows, to alleviate it.

Bathroom exhaust fans are available in a number of sizes and shapes, allowing you the opportunity to choose a fan that you believe would be most suitable for use within your home. For assistance determining what fan may best fit the needs of your bathroom, you can also ask a reliable professional electrician. 

Benefits of Having Bathroom Exhaust Fans in Your Home 

In addition to removing excess moisture and effectively ventilating your bathrooms, having bathroom exhaust fans professionally installed within your home can provide a number of other benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Staving off the accumulation of mould and mildew on your ceilings and walls that can occur as a result of inadequate ventilation.
  • Less rust on your metal appliances, as high levels of moisture can speed up this process.
  • Makes your bathroom more comfortable by effectively ventilating the generation of excess heat or steam.
  • Prevent your mirrors from fogging up 

Why You Should Opt for Professional Installation 

The importance of having professionals handle the installation of exhaust fans within the bathrooms of your home cannot be understated.

As convenient as it may seem to do these installations on your own, fans that are incorrectly installed will not only fail to function property but may also cause damage to your home and raise several safety concerns. The repercussions of an improper installation can range from leaks in your roof on rainy days, to electrocution concerns, and the possibility of your fan becoming a fire hazard due to faulty wiring.

Hiring an experienced electrician to ensure the safe and proper installation of your bathroom exhaust fans is therefore imperative, and a more economical option as well in consideration of how costly damage control could become in the case of a faulty installation job.

If you are interested in having a bathroom exhaust fan installed on your residential or commercial property, call Perth’s Richtek Electrical & Air Solutions at (08) 9375 3926 to get a quote for your professional installation today!