From office set ups to your home phone line or data cable installation and repairs, our team of Perth electrical specialists can get you connected, ensuring your system is running smoothly from the get go.

These days we all rely on our smart devices and security systems to work effectively, so when something does go wrong you’ll want a qualified technician to look at your phone line and data connection as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All your phone and data needs sorted
At Richtek, our skilled electricians have extensive experience in phone and data cabling systems. From installing a new line or cables, repairing an old one, or relocating an existing line, we’ll make sure your wiring is installed correctly and enable superior data connectivity based on your network requirements.

We understand how disruptive a job like this can be, which is why we look closely at your property before we even begin. With a solid installation plan in place, we’ll minimise any disturbance and downtime, so you can rest assured of a job well done!

We avoid drilling too many holes and ensure the wiring is very discreet, without leaving any data cables in open view. We use high performance cables in all our installations and repairs designed with longevity in mind, so you never have to worry about an unreliable connection.

Affordable commercial data and phone installations
We provide comprehensive and customised data and phone solutions to suit your business’s needs now and into the future. Whether it’s a single point access or 100 point access to your phone or date lines, we’ll install a reliable and fast system according to your requirements. And if your system needs a complete overhaul, we can review everything and expertly repair or relocate your data and phone lines, to ensure you continue receiving uninterrupted phone and internet services.

Ask about our affordable data cabling and phone line services today. Contact Perth’s electrical experts at Richtek on (08) 9375 3926 or request a free online quote.